Energy and Utilities

Major changes in the global economy have affected energy and utility organizations across the globe. Innovation, changing customer expectations, and increased competitive pressure are driving the change. Companies today face a variety of short and long-term challenges such as:


Complying with expanding government regulation

Rising operating costs

Addressing an aging workforce

Adoption of renewable energy technologies

Energy companies aim to improve expedition accuracy and efficiency, reduce drilling and manpower costs, and increase production while adhering to increasingly strict industry standards and compliance requirements. New technologies are helping to reinvent the energy and utilities industry by automating and enhancing distribution grids, improving water management, increasing security, addressing compliance requirements and providing critical information in near real time.


Wise Men’s experienced team understands the challenges of the energy and utility industry and its dynamics. Our solutions and offerings are based on years of work with leading energy and utility companies, comprised of proven methodologies, frameworks and assets to ensure successful business results.


We offer in-depth knowledge about your organization to help you prioritize information, clarify and weigh your options, anticipate future challenges, and make informed decisions.


Wise Men is focused to help energy and utility companies to optimize their business processes and IT solutions to address operational, commercial, and energy management challenges while allowing clients to focus on gaining competitive advantage. We help implement world-class procurement processes in the energy & utilities sector, including spend analysis, procurement outsourcing, procurement technology and strategic sourcing.

We provide end-to-end IT services, solutions and consulting to the Energy and Utilities industry. Here are the services we offer which streamline business processes and offer connectivity across the enterprise and beyond.

  • Apply industry-specific innovations to help you manage Big Data, drive smarter analysis, and integrate mobility and social media technologies.
  • Deliver greater efficiency, from streamlining supply chains and optimizing asset utilization to improving customer care and complying with regulations.
  • ADMS and SCADA service
  • Mobile workforce management solutions
  • Project intelligence
  • Geographic information systems
  • Smart metering/grid and work/asset document management tool

Our industry experts implement cost-saving strategies across all aspects of the energy & utilities businesses in the face of tomorrow’s industry challenges.