Robotic Process Automation

Digital Workers is an alternative to traditional IT automation and companies are currently using these Digital Workers to perform rule-based, repetitive tasks; and soon, enterprises will be able to automate more complex tasks using these digital workers. The following are some examples of industries and functions where BOTS can be very helpful:


Functions that
can be automated:



Data Monitoring


Payment Processing

Benefits of RPA and
having Digital Workers:

  • These Digital Workers are learners and can be taught to perform new tasks easily
  • BOTS produce work that is free of duplication and errors
  • High-Speed digital data processing capability
  • Extremely flexible and scalable virtual workforce
  • BOTS work 24*7*365; BOTS are tireless, can work on weekends and holidays
  • Can solve complex problems in seconds/minutes
  • Digital workers can analyze massive amounts of data quickly and accurately
  • Enables employees to achieve significant productivity gains more than 40-50%
  • Minimizes investments in IT integration by working with the existing landscape

Choosing the Right Processes to Automate is the Key to Success

Every process is not suitable for automation.  Some processes which have high elements of human decision making are not good candidates for automation while others that have many repeatable tasks are the perfect candidates for RPA. Hence it is very important to set the criteria for selecting which process to automate and which process should not be automated.  Wise Men recommends developing a Proof-of-Concept to determine the feasibility and to avoid automating the wrong processes.

Wise Men RPA Division offers the following Services
  • Advisory and Strategic: Assessing your technology environment to define the roadmap
  • Platform Selection: Help in choosing the right RPA tool that matches your requirements. All tools are not the same. We help our clients to decide which tool will be best suited for your enterprise.
  • Creating a Pilot: Proof of Concept (POC) to validate feasibility
  • Development:Design, Implement, Test and Deploy the RPA solution

Companies need strong RPA partner to help them to take advantage of this game changing/next generation technology.  With over 22 years of experience, Wise Men has developed best practices, proven methodologies and flexible approaches to build, deploy IT solutions.

RPA Technology Partnerships

To provide advanced RPA software solutions and meet the increasing demand for large-scale RPA deployments, Wise Men is strategically placed and can be the implementation partner as well as reseller of the world’s 3 best RPA tools, Automation Anywhere, UiPath & Blue Prism. This reseller status allows Wise Men to be a single purchase-point for enterprises seeking RPA software and implementation services.

All these 3 tools are leaders in Automation providing complete software platform to help companies efficiently automate processes. They help organizations to increase insight and analytics, build tech-centric (AI platform) capabilities and pilot new digital propositions to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate operational risk.

Blue Prism:


Automation Anywhere:


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